Domain IV: Professional Development and Responsibilities

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4a: Reflecting on Practice

4b: Maintaining Accurate Records

4c: Communicating with Stakeholders

4d: Participating in a Professional Community

4e: Growing and Developing Professionally

4f: Showing Professionalism

4a. Reflecting on Practice

Consistently reflects on the effectiveness of his/her professional practice, researching methods for improvement to build capacity across the system. Demonstrates a growing level of sophistication of technology integration over time, which results in professional growth among the teachers they work with.

Periodically throughout the year, I would change my planned schedule as to which building I would be located in based on the activities occurring in that building. For example during some of the PSSA testing, I knew I wouldn't be needed as much in one building or the other so I informed teachers I was more available if needed in their classrooms. At one point, I was able to co-teach with grade 1 for their research reports to help students with typing when I realized a classroom with 12 computers was available for several hours during the same time first grade was working on writing. This was a great opportunity for these students to finish their typing with guidance from a teacher rather than working on their own at a center.

4b. Maintaining Accurate Records

Has an effective system for maintaining instructional and non-instructional records that contain contributions from learners.

external image Directory-Home.pngThe HS 1:1 program requires a lot of documentation in order to keep track of which student has which computer and what happens to that computer. For efficiency, I created a database a few years ago that is used heavily by myself and Larry Williams to allow quick recovery of all issues that pertain to a particular computer. We can easily see who a computer belongs to when one is left behind somewhere, or easily run a report to determine how many problems or quantity of damage has occurred to a specific computer. With the accurate record keeping, we can determine patterns with particular models or simply with specific users of a certain computer.

4c. Communicating with Stakeholders

Welcomes stakeholder input and clearly communicates information that is customized to the stakeholders. Demonstrates exceptional communication skills, as evident a with stakeholders increased initiation of communication that demonstrates ownership of common goals.

The district website, including school home pages, along with the district Facebook page are the quickest means to finding out the latest news and events happening around the campus. With teachers, staff, students, and parents being able to access information quickly using a variety of devices, it is essential that I keep these resources updated. I often remind secretarial staff, teachers, and administrators to please share information with me that they feel is important so I can post it to the appropriate sites. The website needs to be updated on a regular basis to keep visitors coming back to the site. It also needs to be easy to navigate so users do not become frustrated trying to find certain information. As for the district Facebook page, this is a great place to share announcements and reminders to keep parents and community members aware of upcoming dates and occurrences taking place at the NBCSD.

external image social-net-1.png4d. Participating in a Professional Community

Makes a significant contribution to the school, district, or professional community. Takes initiative in assuming leadership roles.

Throughout the year, I stay updated on changes with technology across other districts in PA, by participating in the CFFCoaches listserv as well as a listserv for the PA Keystone Technology Integrators. These two email databases, allow me to share resources and classroom activities happening here as well as learn about similar occurrences elsewhere. I can also rely on these teachers to provide resources and/or lesson plans for activities that our teachers are interested in implementing when I question or concern is brought to my attention. This saves me time by preventing me having to search online for appropriate and effective materials to share with my teachers.

4e. Growing and Developing Professionally

Seeks out professional development opportunities and originates activities that contribute to the profession.

Each year the PA Educational Technology Conference and Expo is held in Hershey PA. Even though budget constraints have prevented me from attending face to face, I have been able to attend virtually during the last two years. Attending virtually allows me to view live presentations and still receive many of the shared resources. I can also follow the conference live on twitter and using a few Skype back channels.

4f. Showing Professionalism

Is proactive and assumes a leadership role in demonstrating digital citizenship. Demonstrates the highest standards of ethical conduct and models compliance with school, district, and other relevant regulations.

Throughout the year, while co-teaching the grade 6 computer class, I consistently reminded the students to provide citations for each resource they added to their own work. Teaching students about copyright and plagiarism helps to instill positive work ethics that will continue as they get older. I used the same theory when working with staff as they developed resources for their virtual academy courses. Teachers were reminded to upload items that were created by them which included videos as well as documents or to find materials online and cite as needed.